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Naturally delicious grown-up drinks with no alcohol

Borrago is a mouth-wateringly delicious non-alcoholic spirit. Use it as a base for exceptional cocktails.
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A Sophisticated Alternative

Who Are we?
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The Borrago Story

Borrago is the passion of Tom Tuke-Hastings. It comes from a love of food, drink, entertaining and celebration. A belief that you should be able to have delicious grown-up choices without the alcohol. 

The Borrago Story
Floral decorative hand-drawn

Borrago bees

Our namesake, borage is also known as the bee flower and bees are in serious trouble. So to make a stand and to try and make a difference, we are getting right behind the Save The Bees campaign. We use borage flower as part of our perfect serve and have given away over 100,000 borage seeds so far as part of our commitment to help save the bees. We are now aiming to give away a million seeds! Bees are so important to our ecosystem and wild bees love borage flowers, so it makes great habitat for them. We also have our own hives which give us delicious honey that we use to develop cocktails like our Bees Pyjamas

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Complex and aromatic, we could tell Borrago was going to be something special from the first sniff… very distinctive, we can see this working well in cocktails as well

The Independent 14 Best alcohol-free drinks by Stacey Smith


I loved this. Am a big gin fan and was amazed how good this tasted and alcohol/sugar free! Will definitely be buying some, enjoying and sharing!

Emma-Jane B, Facebook


An alt-gin presented in such a way that Steve Jobs himself would have been proud.

The Sober Parrot, Cheltenham


First try last night as it’s a school night. Delicious and authentic. 

Nick R, Facebook

Borrago is an exquisite combination of refreshing botanical vibes which makes it an exciting alcohol alternative. We showcase this in our signature mocktail 'Basil Crush' which creates a sophisticated beverage which our customers adore"

The Sober Parrot, Cheltenham