10 Top Tips To Last Sober October

    Plan your month- Having alternative non-alcoholic drinks planned, will reduce the chance of you falling into old habits and reaching for a glass of wine or bottle of beer. Follow @BorragoDrinks Pinterest Go Sober for October Board for daily non-alcoholic recipes for the whole month. Alternatively, you could follow @borragodrinks Instagram page with weekly Friday posts, recommending the best non-alcoholic cocktail for the weekends.


    Try new drinks- Just because you’re going sober for a month does not mean your drinks have to be repetitive and boring. Borrago is soon to launch its third edition cocktail booklet, which is given with every bottle brought from www.borrago.com. Experiment and have fun when making non-alcoholic cocktails, this will also help you find your new favourite non-alcoholic tipple.

      Planning your shopping- Planning your shopping will stop temptations when walking down the drinks aisle. You can order Borrago from borrago.com with free delivery. This will also help you plan your month.

      Get your friends on board- The more people surrounding you and taking part will allow you to encourage one another.

      Make a public commitment- Making a public announcement on social media will allow you to share your drinks, experiences, successes and struggles. By doing this you will find you are not the only person taking part and there will be encouragement, and online support groups to help you through the month.

      Think of other benefits – Although the main reason for Sober October is to raise money and help support McMillian.  There are also many additional benefits of going sober for one month, health and diet, better sleep and more energy, creating time for other hobbies and actives.

      Ask for non-alcoholic drinks- Its importance to embrace and admit to yourself you are going sober for October. Hiding it will not help. Ask bars what non-alcoholic drinks they have to offer. You’ll be shocked with variety of zero-proof drinks available. Borrago is stocked in many Bars and Restaurants. However, still finding it difficult to find a Borrago in your local area. An information card is given out with every bottle sold to give to local pubs and restaurants to help encourage them to stock Borrago and give you more non-alcoholic options.

      Stay away from unhelpful people- Try avoiding people who are only going to antagonise you to drink, its only for one month and believe you can do it!

      Don't Give up- If you do end up having a “what the hell” moment and having a sip of alcohol don’t give up. Its easy to get back on track! Reflect on what you have already achieved and how close you are to finish.

      Remember why you are doing it- Don’t forget why you have taken on this challenge! Believe in yourself and you will be able to complete the whole month.