Borrago Newsletter #13 Sober October and our big cocktail competition

It is October already and as Autumn arrives in a flurry of rain it really feels like a change of season. Sober October is here and we will be posting a cocktail a day on our Pinterest account and Instagram stories to help you make it to the end. You could win our amazing cocktail hamper in our cocktail competition and we hero the humble but ever popular apple.


Apple Thyme

Apple and cinnamon is a classic choice, but this cocktail is elevated and balanced with the lemon juice, making a refreshing and moreish drink. I love the matchstick apple, it works as a garnish and adds fresh acidity and texture, topped off by the wonderful aroma of thyme. Get the recipe here!



October Competition

We have this amazing Borrago cocktail hamper to win this October. It is simple to enter, just post a picture and recipe of your cocktail using Borrago and tag @BorragoDrinks. Our favourite one will win the grand prize and feature in our next cocktail collection. There are also runner up prizes for the most liked and best comments. See our website for Ts And Cs.

Look at for inspiration.

Smokey Toastie

This is a delicious take on an old favourite, perfect for a quick hot snack in the afternoon. We used smoked gouda for a lovely meaty flavour and paired it with crispy apples from our tree, to offset all that cheese and butter. If you want to give it a little kick, add some finely sliced fresh chillies or serve it with a spot of chilli relish.



60g of Gouda 

1 Small Apple

2 Slice of Fresh Bread, we have used sourdough fresh 




Warm a heavy based frying pan on a medium heat. Next, roughly grate your cheese and set aside


To prepare the apples, peel and core them before cutting into very thin slices. 


Spread butter onto one side of a slice of bread and place this butter side down on a plate. The butter will make sure your bread doesn't stick to the frying pan.


Arrange the cheese and apples in layers onto the bread and then spread butter on the second side of bread and place it butter side up on the top of the sandwich. Place the sandwich in the frying pan. 


Fry on a medium heat for 5 minutes or until golden brown. Turn sandwich over and fry the other side to match. 


If your toastie is a bit too thick and the cheese isn't melting the whole way through don't worry- just pop it into a hot oven for a couple of minutes to finish it off. This is also a good way to cook multiple sandwiches at once and have them all hot and ready to eat at the same time. 






We hope you have enjoyed this newsletter and look forward to chatting more next month. Say hello on social media with @borragoDrinks.


Thank you for making it to the end.

Until next time. All the best Tom TH