12 Cocktails of Christmas

Celebrate the Christmas Cheer with Borrago’s 12 (non-alcoholic) Cocktails of Christmas. Perfect for any occasion, whether you are hosting a festive party, celebrating in style or even trying to keep the kids busy over the Christmas holidays. Our non-alcoholic Christmas Cocktails will get everyone in the festive spirit.

Borrago’s 12 Cocktails of Christmas: 


Some people spend the Christmas season lingering under the Mistletoe, whilst other do their best to avoid, all because of the traditional Mistletoe kiss.

However, there will be no running away from our Mistletoe Martini. A simple and elegant cocktail, which is easy to make but looks the part. Fancy a change, serve your Christmas admirer a Borrago Mistletoe Martini and see what happens. 


25ml Borrago #47 Paloma Blend

200ml Aromatic Tonic Water 

1 Sprig of Rosemary

2 Cranberries

Lemon Wedge

Caster sugar – Sprinkled onto a plate

To make the frosted rim, squeeze the lemon wedge around the rim of the martini glass. Then press the glass on to a plate of caster sugar. If you are unsure how to do this click here. Measure the Borrago and tonic water and pour over ice into a martini glass. Make small holes through the cranberries and place at the bottom of the sprig of rosemary. Add to garnish. 



The perfect hot cocktail to keep your hands warm on a cold day and a great way to keep the kids busy over the Christmas holiday as they make their own festive snowman.


2 After Eight Mints

100ml Boiling Water

25ml Borrago #47 Paloma Blend

25ml Cream

25ml Whipped Cream



Black icing pen

Candied Orange


Pour the boiling water over the mints in a pre-warmed glass. Stir until dissolved and smooth. Mix in the Borrago and cream. Garnish with whipped cream and your creative snowman



Add a Christmas twist to the classic Begroni. The candy cane, loved by young and old it has the perfect festive touch.


35ml Borrago #47 Paloma Blend

25ml non-alcoholic Red Bitters

25ml non-alcoholic Red Vermouth


Candy cane


Stir the ingredients over ice in a mixing glass, top up with ice and stir a little more. Strain into a glass with some large ice. Garnish with a small orange peel swirl and a candy cane.



The Christmas star, a seasonal symbol known throughout the world and placed on top of many Christmas trees. The Borrago Apple Thyme has had a Christmas update by changing the apple match stick to festive stars. A beautiful drink that looks as good as it tastes. 


50ml Borrago #47 Paloma Blend 

50ml cloudy apple Juice 

Juice of 1/2 a lime

1 Teaspoon of honey

Pinch of cinnamon


1 Apple cut into stars, a star biscuit/cookie cutter works perfectly.

Sprig of thyme 


Put all the ingredients in a cocktail mixer with no ice and shake well until the Honey has dissolved.  Add ice and shake till cool. Strain into a glass and garnish with the apple stars and thyme.  



Sit down and relax in front of a warm fire with a Borrago and Ginger Ale as the kids stay focused creating festive gingerbread reindeers, you can buy the biscuit kit from Sainsburys.


25ml Borrago #47 Paloma Blend

200ml Ginger Ale

Caster sugar, sprinkled onto a plate, add a pinch of cinnamon if you have some

Lemon wedge


To make the frosted rim, squeeze a fresh lemon around the rim of the glass and place the glass onto a plate of sugar. Then measure the Borrago and tonic water and pour over ice into the glass.




A warm and cuddly cocktail, the perfect tipple as you sit down and unwind after a long day celebrating with your friends and family. The cinnamon and nutmeg adds some traditional Christmas aromas.


100ml Milk

50ml Borrago #47 Paloma Blend

20ml maple syrup

½ teaspoon ground nutmeg


Cinnamon Stick


Heat the milk and syrup until it is piping hot. Stir in the nutmeg and Borrago until well mixed and garnish with the cinnamon stick.  



A fun, creative and festive cocktail, great if your hosting a Christmas party. Make a large portion and pour into separate bauble glasses. To do this, simply multiply the recipe below depending on how many guests you are catering for.

Ingredients for 1 drink:
25ml Borrago

200ml your favourite tonic water, we used Mediterranean.

Handful of cranberries.


Mix the Borrago and tonic water into a jug and pour in the bauble glass. Add the cranberries and enjoy.



Cranberries become very popular around Christmas, making a great sauce to compliment you Christmas turkey. This year serve a drink that compliments your Christmas dinner just as well, our Cranberry Bramble. 


12 frozen Cranberries, thawed

50ml Borrago #47 Paloma Blend

25ml maple syrup

Juice of ½ a lemon

Ginger Beer to top up


Sprig of Rosemary


Either wait for the cranberries to de-frost or add a little water and place in the microwave to defrosted. Add the Borrago, maple syrup and lemon juice and shake well until the syrup has dissolved and the drink is nice and cold. Strain into an ice filled glass. Top with the ginger beer and garnish.



Keep your guest glasses topped up with a delicious Borrago Orange Iceberg. A cocktail full of warm and wintery flavours, it’s a must have this Christmas. Have a stress-free Christmas, make a jug of Orange Iceberg and serve when required.


50ml Borrago #47 Paloma Blend

50ml fresh orange juice

1 cardamom pod

10ml sugar syrup


Sprig of rosemary

Orange slices



Break the cardamom pod and put the seeds into the glass. Add the remaining ingredients and stir well. Top with ice and garnish.

For the Jug:

250ml Borrago #47 Paloma Blend

250ml fresh orange juice

4 cardamom pods

50ml sugar syrup

Method: Break the Cardamom Pod and put the seeds into the Jug. Add the remaining ingredients and stir well. Top with ice and Garnish. Prepare separate glasses with a slice of orange and a few cranberries and a sprig of rosemary flavoured ice cubes, and serve when needed.



Add a hint of Christmas to the traditional Borrago Old Fashioned. We have used cranberries and rosemary to make a spectacular ice cube. Served with one of our own Borrago Mince Pies, it’s a great combination to leave Santa on Christmas Eve #savesanta


50ml Borrago #47 Paloma Blend 25ml

sugar syrup 


A slice of orange peel


Squeeze the orange peel so the oil from the peel sprays around the inside of the glass. Add the Borrago and sugar syrup. Stir well and serve with a large cranberry filled ice cube and the orange peel. For instruction on how to make the cranberry filled ice cube click here! 



Looking for a show-stopping Christmas Cocktail? Well look no further! Our Christmas Tree Charcoal Martini is the eye-catching cocktail of the year. A slightly more difficult cocktail but worth it.


1/2 tsp activated charcoal  

25ml lemon juice

15ml maple syrup

1/4 Tsp vanilla bean paste 

25ml Borrago #47 Paloma Blend 

75ml coconut water

10ml aquafaba (The juice from a can of Chickpeas)


A red grape Cucumber slice Golden star for decoration


Put all the ingredients in a shaker and shake vigorously over ice for 30 seconds to thicken, then double strain over a sieve into a chilled cocktail glass. 

To garnish, make a small cut in the grape and place on the edge of the glass. Add the cucumber slice, using a cocktail stick to make the folded effect and secure into the grape. Add the decorative star on top.

Activated charcoal can reduce the potency of some medicines, if in doubt check with you GP.



Hosting a party over the festive season but struggling what to serve the drivers or non-drinks? Celebrate in style with the Borrago Satsuma Fizz. A spectacular cocktail and perfect for serving in bulk. The citrus flavour provides the smell of Christmas, and the fizz adds the special touch, your guest won’t feel left out of the party.


50ml satsuma juice

25ml Borrago #47 Paloma Blend

1/2 cardamom pod

Non-alcoholic sparkling wine to top


Orange slices


Mix the juice and Borrago in a champagne flute with the seeds from the cardamom pod, top with the wine, garnish and serve.

For the Jug (makes 5)

150ml Borrago #47 Paloma Blend

125ml satsuma juice

2 cardamom pods

Bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling wine


Mix the juice, Borrago and the seeds for the cardamom pods in a jug and set aside. Place the garnish in the champagne glasses so they are ready to go. Measure 75ml of the Borrago mixture, top up with sparkling wine and serve. 

*Top tip – find a 75ml measure in advance of your party and have it sitting to your jug ready to go.