31 ways to stay dry for 31 days of Dry January

1. Remove all the alcohol from your house

This will stop any temptations if you are having a bad day or craving alcohol.


2. Be proud to be participating in Dry January

Going dry for January is a hard challenge and you should be proud you are taking part.


3. Follow @BorragoDrinks on social media

Keep up to date with naturally delicious non-alcoholic drink ideas.


4. Have a routine eating plan

Having an eating routine it will stop the last minute, lets go to the pub or a glass of wine would go perfectly with this meal.


5 .Get mocktail or non-alcoholic cocktail recipe books

Order a bottle of Borrago #47 Paloma Blend and receive the latest Autumn/ Winter cocktail booklet.


6. Listen to podcasts

This is a great way to listen to everyday struggles and successes people face when taking part in Dry January.


7. Tell people on social media you are taking part in Dry January

You will be surprised with the amount of people that are going through the same problems and the support that is available.



8. Broadcast to your friends you are not drinking in January 

This will increase the chances of your success and allow them to motivate and encourage you.



Regular exercises will keep you motivated and allow you to be active and distracted during times you would normal being drinking. It will also give you an alternative challenge to think about.


10. Order Online

Order a bottle of Borrago #47 Paloma Blend non-alcoholic spirit online with free delivery, to reduce temptations when walking around shopping stores



11. Find a tribe

There are many online Dry January networking groups that will have great tips and tricks to last the whole month.


12. Get a friend to take part with you

 This will allow you to motivate one another, along with attending events sober together.


13. Reflect on how well you have done

It is important to track your progress and reflect on how far you have come and how little you have to go until the end of the month


14. Take a note of other unexpected bonuses

There are many other bonuses when cutting down on alcohol, more energy, weight loss, better skin, better health and wellbeing.


15. Reward yourself

Not with alcohol of course, but with other luxuries you wouldn’t normally do, you may have saved money by not drinking, so treat yourself.


16. Consider drinking less for the future

Now you have managed to stop drinking for a month try doing it for a longer, don’t fall back into your old habits after completing your challenge.


17. Talk to people

 If you are having a bad day, talk to people and let them know so they can help you. Sometimes its good to get the problem of your mind then find yourself stressing and opting for an alcoholic drink.


18. Sleep better

Drinking less alcohol will help you sleep better and feel recharged ready for the next day.


19. Find a new favourite non-alcoholic tipple

 Borrago has a cocktail for everyday of the month, experiment until you find your favourite.


20. Plan for situation when alcohol is going to be offered

If you have a response planned of what to say when someone offers you an alcoholic drink, you have a secure straight answer and reduce temptation.


21. Assemble a support group

Attend real groups, this will allow you to talk to people, make friends and discover new and great events to go to when sober.


22. Experiment with non-alcoholic drinks

There’s more to non-alcoholic drinks then a flat lemonade or a sweet kid’s juice. Experiment with Mocktails. Borrago non-alcoholic spirit is designed to provided naturally delicious grown up non-alcoholic drinks.


23. Get a new hobby

You won’t be waking up with a hangover and will find yourself with more energy. This will allow you to have more time and experiment with new and exciting activities.


24. Take your own non-alcoholic drinks

 If your heading to social events where alcohol is involved, take you own non-alcoholic drinks, so you don’t feel pressured to drink but call still enjoy yourself.


25. Write down all the reason you don’t want to drink alcohol

You can use this to reflect on and remember why you decided to go dry for January


 26. Always have an escape route

 If you are heading to social events always have and escape route or escape reason. This will help if you are struggling temptations or just feel uncomfortable during the night. 


27. Enjoy being sober

 When you enjoy something it’s a lot easier and time goes quicker.


 28. Celebrate your success

You are taking part in a hard challenge make sure you celebrate your achievement.


 29. Ask for non-alcoholic drinks
Many pubs, bars and restaurants offer delicious grown- up non-alcoholic drinks, don’t be afraid to ask or to try something new. 

30. Stay away from people who are going to antagonize you to drink

Its only one month, and if people aren’t going to support you, try your best to stay away from them during Dry January.


31. Lastly you can do it and believe in yourself

Its only one month, 31 days and you can definitely stay dry for the whole month, and if you have a slip up during the month, don’t give up get back on track and carry on.