As we know Christmas is a season of joy and celebration, but deep down we all feel the sense of stress and pressure at one point during the festive break and alcohol can have an influence on this. Here are the top reasons to cut down the alcohol and have a stress-free Christmas. 

1. Save money

Everyone knows the festive season can be a burden on the wallet with gifts, food and festivities let alone the cost of alcohol on top. Whether your drinking out or at home, alcohol can become rather expensive over this time of the year. December becomes a popular month for binge drinking and overindulgence. Cutting down or avoiding alcohol this Christmas can we a great way to finance your festive season.

2. Hangovers

The Christmas season is a busy and stressful time, the calendar is packed with social plans, from visiting distance relative to traditional Christmas events, it’s a nonstop break. With all this in mind, having a hangover on a busy day is the last thing you want. The cause to many Christmas arguments, the lack of motivation and tired look, you will be feeling the complete opposite to the joyful festive mood everyone else is embracing.

3.Saying something you shouldn’t have

Some people say drunk you speaks a sober mind. If this is true you defiantly don’t want to be slurring something out in front of your future father in law around the Christmas table or in fact in front of anyone. Make a stop to this happening and have a respectful sober Christmas.

4. Diet and exercise routine

The Christmas season starts a lot earlier than you imagine, people start Christmas shopping in September, office Christmas parties take place in November and then 3 months down the line its finally December and then there’s still 25 days until Christmas Days. That’s a long time to start getting into the festive spirit and consuming over average amount of alcohol just to say goodbye to your hard-worked diet and exercise plans. Alcohol is key factor for weight gain due to its high calorific count and has long and short-term effects on your body.

5.Time to do things

The Christmas period is full of family traditions, the boxing day walk, the Christmas family games and much more. Stay away from the booze and have more time and energy to take part in family traditions over the Christmas break.

6. More enjoyable

Not drinking over Christmas can be surprisingly more enjoyable than you imagine. Being present can be the best present. When drinking, you find yourself retreating to your own little world, oblivious to what is going on, missing key memories. Your body maybe there but your true self isn’t. Be mindful with your drinking this Christmas and find yourself more appreciative of what is going on around you over the Christmas Break.