All the things you can do with borage

Borage is a pretty purple edible plant, it has a refreshing cucumber taste and is fully minerals and vitamins and can be used in many different ways.

Eating borage. 

Both the leaves and flower are edible and can be used in delicious sweet and savoury recipes. It can be eaten raw in delicious mixed green salads, chopped into yoghurts, cheese and even added to stocks, soups and stews or simply added for garnish.

Top borage recipes: 

1. Blue cheese, borage and grilled chicken salad. Get the recipe.


2. Ravioli with ricotta cheese and wild herbs. Get the recipe here

3. Borage leaf, pea and garden mint soup. Get the recipe here 

Borage also works well in puddings and sweet foods, whether its just for decoration or mixed in, there are lots of creative ways you can use borage. 

Top borage dessert recipes: 

1.  Peach posset. Get the recipe here 

2. Borage biscuits. Get the recipe here 


3. Almond fairy cakes with candied borage flowers. Get the recipe here 



Drinking Borage 
Borage also works well in drinks or as garnish. Borrago non-alcoholic drinks garnish all their drinks with a pretty blue edible borage flower.

Top borage drinks recipes:

1. Borage Fizz. Get the recipe here 


2. Borrago summer garden. Get the recipe here  


3. Garden herb gimlet. Get the recipe here

You can also use borage flowers to make floral ice cubes. These add fun and excitement to your drinks.