The best non-alcoholic cocktails for the summer season ahead

1. Borrago and tonic.

This is a delicious and simple non-alcoholic cocktail, which can be changed by changing the flavour of the tonic water. A nice tonic to use is the aromatic flavoured tonic or rose lemonade. This will add a nice pink colour to the drink, perfect for the summer. Click here for the recipe 

2. Summer Garden

This is a cool and refreshing cocktail, with lots of theatre and garnish. Click here for the recipe. 


3. Classic Cup 

    This is a delicious non-alcoholic take on the classic Pimms, full of fruit and flavour but without the alcohol. Perfect if your are having a BBQ, garden party or fancy something full of flavour. Click here for the recipe 

     3. Satsuma fizz

      A delicious non-alcoholic cocktail worth toasting with, using nosecco. Click here for the recipe 



      4. lemon mojito 

      A non-alcoholic take on the classic mojito but with a lemon twist. If the weather is set to be hot, you can not go wrong with this cocktail. Click here for the recipe.


      5. Breakfast at Cowley

      This is a more simplistic cocktail but is easy to make in large portions. Click here for the recipe