Borrago Micro Eggs

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We think these are the world's smallest commercially available Easter eggs and we are selling them to help raise money to #SaveTheBees, with all profits going to The Bumblebee Conservation trust.

Each egg is carefully handmade and is smaller than the 2 on a 2p coin. Made from finest 80% dark chocolate infused with Borrago and wrapped in silver leaf, they are a quirky gift. Each set of four eggs comes in a presentation vial, with a bottle of Borrago #47 Paloma blend, a pack of borage seeds so you can help give bees more natural habitat and a cocktail booklet. UK postage is free.

These are a limited edition, so get yours now before they run out.

The Jigger holding the eggs up is not included, but you can buy one here: Jigger