Save Santa

This Christmas, let Save Santa with Borrago Non-alcoholic Drinks!

Santa Fact: Santa's journey starts at the Republic of Kiribati in the South Pacific, before heading to New Zealand and Australia. Then it’s off to Asia, Africa and Western Europe, concluding with the Americas.  

Santa Fact: Santa Travels

on Christmas Eve at approximately 1,800 miles per second that’s 45x faster than a NASA space rocket!

Santa Fact: Santa travels through temperatures ranging from


Santa Fact So he might prefer a non-alcoholic Borrago Winter cup in colder countries or a non-alcoholic Borrago and Tonic in warmer.  
Santa Fact: Santa gets through a total of 71,764,000,000 calories and an awful lot of alcohol. With drivers 3x more likely to be breathalysed in December, he had better watch out!


Its’s time to #SaveSanta, he is very polite and always tastes drinks left out for him. So this year why not leave him a naturally delicious non-alcoholic drink (I hear he likes Borrago, naturally delcious grown-up drinks without the alcohol).

Take a picture of your non-alcoholic Borrago left for Santa on Christmas Eve and tag @BorragoDrinks on Instagram for the chance to #win your own Christmas gift.

We wish all the Santas out there a very happy and safe Christmas whatever they are driving or flying.

Want to help #SaveSanta but struggling with festive non-alcoholic drinks?
Take a look at our social media
for The 12 (non-alcoholic) Cocktails of Christmas and keep an eye out for our 6 weeks Christmas countdown and #SaveSanta competitions on Instagram and Facebook for a chance to #win great prizes. 


Our #SaveSanta message is used to reflect the busy festive season full of Christmas markets, long distances journeys, over indulging and the risk of drink driving. Stay safe over the festive season and we wish you a wonderful and memorable Christmas. 
Merry Christmas from all of us at Borrago.