The Borrago Bees

Bees are surprisingly important. They pollinate most of our fruit and vegetables, as well as delicious botanicals like the ones we use to make Borrago. Without bees, we would have massive worldwide food shortages. They are also under threat, due to reduced habitat and pesticides. So we are seeing how we can help save bees. We have 80,000 borage seeds to give away and this spring and summer, we will be giving out a pack with every bottle sold from the website. If you would like some, send us a pic of your Borrago on social channels and tag us and we will send you some seeds. This is not only our namesake and the inspiration for our logo, but it is also called the bee flower as they love it so much. We have also started our first hive and you can see more of this on our social channels and by following #BorragoBees.