The Borrago Story

Our Founder, Tom Tuke-Hastings, started off in food - writing cookery books, running a food .com and doing the occasional bit of food TV presenting. He has always loved entertaining and celebrations and even wrote a whole book on ‘The Art of the Vodka Jelly’.

Now, life is a little bit different: He has grown up a bit (not too much) has two small children and lives in the countryside. So with an ongoing love of entertaining and celebrating, but not wanting to drink and drive and hating hangovers with small kids waking you up, alcohol just plays a much smaller part in this.

But Tom refused to be side-lined to the traditional non-alcoholic options that are often overly sweet, childish and downmarket. He felt that you should be able to have a drink that is as good as or better than an alcoholic one. Something truly delicious with all the theatre of a traditional cocktail, but with none of the alcohol at all.

So starting in his shed, he set out to make naturally delicious, grown-up drinks without the alcohol, sugar or calories. The aim, to give a real and delicious choice. Borrago was born.

We are now in Michelin starred restaurants, bars, hotels and spas, as well as iconic stores, farm shops and independent wine merchants.

We export to countries all over the world, have built the world's first boat bar and have a rather fun bike side-bar to take our drinks on the road. We have popped up on the London underground and are present in gardens all over the country having given away over 400,000 borage seeds in our campaign to help save the bees. We have our own hive and use the honey to develop cocktails. We are just starting out, but we are having a lot of fun and hope to see you again as our story progresses.